Carole welcomes visitors
to her charming whitewashed
five-room B&B “La Casa Blanca”
on the sun-blessed isle of Lanzarote
like good friends. You’ll be seduced
by the down-home treatment,
the peace and quiet
and the incredible view.
- - -

At La Casa Blanca,
you bask in peace and tranquility. Lanzarote,
the northernmost of the Canary Islands,
is characterized by diverse beautiful
and impressive landscapes.
There is truly no other place like it,
not even within the archipelago.

Here you’ll find a paradise for painters,
photographers and nature lovers.

Just imagine: you’re reclining on the flower-dotted patio next to the pool, surrounded by palm trees, yuccas, hibiscus and pink bougainvillea. A tennis court is behind you, and in front of you a unique landscape stretches from the sleepy town of Sóo to the sea. It’s a picturesque collage of fields and desert in a profusion of red and ocher, with extinct volcanoes looming in the distance. Over the hours and days, it constantly transforms itself in the changing light.
The sea beckons: ever-present, foamy, blue and turquoise-green. To your left, the white beach of Famara; to the right, the black sands of La Santa. Sóo itself is a rural community well-known for its delicious dry-grown melons, onions, tomatoes and yams. The area is also famous all over the island for its handmade goat’s milk cheese, a true delight for connoisseurs.
A peaceful place where silence reigns
and a unique atmosphere invites you
to get in touch with yourself.
- - -